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Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp - a bridge connecting Startups to the global market
Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp - is an intensive program for investors that are seeking partners,
access to the European market for portfolio companies and new companies to invest in.
It is always difficult to take the first step towards the unknown. But that first step becomes so much easier when you have a clear map of the journey ahead, and can share that with key strategic partners. Preparation for that journey is vital to its completion. It creates clarity of vision, a sense of common purpose, and confidence. The first step is no longer towards the unknown, but towards the adventure of scaling your business in international markets. That is the goal of Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp this coming September. Our Bootcamp is being launched by Pulsar VC and Guinness Enterprise Center with the support of the best minds involved in the Irish ecosystem. Don't miss this opportunity to make sure your first step is heading in the right direction.
Pavel Korolev
CEO of Pulsar Venture Capital
A two-week program, individually focused on finding new opportunities for investing and scaling portfolio companies to international markets.
Introduction to the innovative ecosystem of Ireland
Experience the opportunities offered to technological businesses and learn how these opportunities are actually used by the companies that have started their journey to the global market through the Irish innovative ecosystem
Search for new investment partners and startups
Meetings with investors, corporations, mentors and entrepreneurs will help you understand the opportunities and processes of investing in European startups, as well as think over the options for developing portfolio companies in the international market.
Networking with the European and Local Innovation Community
An important part of success is the right contacts. Within the program you will be able to communicate with dozens of experts and practitioners, which will allow you to confidently move to international markets
Master classes and acquaintance with the experience of the local venture market participants
Learn more about investing in early stage companies, the experience of the business angel association in Ireland, finding and evaluating a startup for investment, and much more within a series of master classes
Ireland is at the "crossroads" between America and Europe, which increases the efficiency of your business. Starting a business in Ireland, you are already in the euro zone and the EU jurisdiction, a single marketplace with the UK.
The youngest, highly skilled and multinational population in Europe, due to their ambitions, is ready to become a part of a new company and actively develop a business in multilingual Europe and the global market.
In Ireland, there are the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Airbnb, Dropbox, Paypal, Uber, Ebay, Yelp, HP, IBM, Oracle in the EMEA region. Working alongside of the technological market leaders gives an additional motivation to strive for new business heights.
Favourable business climate
- The lowest corporate income tax in Europe - 12.5%
- Tax on the income from the IP sale - 6.25%
- Tax allowance for R & D - 25%
- Grant program and co-financing for technological start-ups
- The only english speaking country in the EU
The 'Startup Entrepreneur Visa' program provides a residence permit for 3 years
Accommodation and business expenses in Dublin and other cities in Ireland are significantly lower than in Silicon Valley, London, Paris and New York
Two weeks in September 2018
programme draft as of July 16
September 10-15
September 10-15
Setting up the programme and preparing the participants
  • Monday, September 10 - "We are going to Dublin! Programme, participants, goals "- a webinar with the programme organisers.
  • Wednesday, September 12 - "Tips & Tricks: how to effectively spend time in Dublin" - communication with the participants of Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp 2016 and 2017
  • Friday, September 14 - "Your partner in Ireland: how to improve the efficiency of joint projects" - webinar about the cultural characteristics of working with local partners, and, firstly, what can spoil the cooperation.
September 16-22
September 16-22
Work week in Dublin
DAY 1 - September 17 – Introduction of the Ireland opportunities for the venture business
This day you will spend with experts and partners of Guinness Enterprise Center. You will be able to understand how to effectively use Ireland to scale your business to international markets.

DAY 2 - September 18 – Business practices on the European market
Seminars and master classes about specifics of investment activity in Ireland and the EU. Acquaintance with experience of local venture market participants and business angels community.

DAY 3 - September 19 - Leaders of technology markets - startups.
Visit to the Google and Facebook offices to learn their vision of the European market, assess the opportunities that they provide to young businesses and understand how to build a partnership with them in Ireland and other markets

DAY 4- September 20 - Demo Day - VC Indicator, Dublin 2018
The day of new discoveries will begin with a business breakfast where participants of Pulsar Dublin Bootcamp will discuss the trends of the technological market and how they work for business with local entrepreneurs and representatives of the venture ecosystem. After that, start-ups will present their projects to investors. The day will end in the Innalabs company, created by Russian physicists that confidently gains a global market of sensors for navigation systems

DAY 5 - September 21 – the 5th working day in Dublin
After the eventful Thursday we will return to the world of technological start-ups and visit several companies to understand their experience of developing international business through the innovative ecosystem of Ireland. In addition, you will have the opportunity to hold previously scheduled meetings.
Evening: A pint of beer for the road. We will discuss the results of the two-week work and share our plans for the future in an informal setting.

September 22-23 (Saturday - Sunday)
If you still have strength and desire left, you can devote the weekend to explore the history, culture and nature of Ireland. Our partners in Dublin are ready to help you with planning the weekend activity. (This is not included in the Bootcamp programme price and can be provided at extra charge).

Ambitious startups and Successful investors

Technological startups aimed at active development on the global market primarily in EduTech, HR-Tech, Robotics, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and ICO startups.
Venture investors and business angels interested in the investment portfolio development and investments in the European jurisdictions, as well as that who have the portfolio projects interested in scaling to the European and global markets.

Pulsar Venture Capital
Pulsar Venture Capital is an international early-stage venture capital fund and startup acceleration program with main office in Kazan, Russia and presence in Dublin, Ireland, Silicon Valley, California, Dubai, UAE and Singapore. Pulsar VC invests in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.
Guinness Enterprise Center
Guinness Enterprise Center (the GEC) is a not-for-profit, world-class enterprise centre for ambitious and innovative companies. It provides a modern, spacious and flexible working environment, offering private, shared or co-working office space, supported by best-in-class business support services.
Dublin BIC
Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale by providing a comprehensive range of programmes specifically designed to advance the ambitions of early-stage companies. Dublin BIC invests and helps to develop businesses in the Irish and international markets.
Startup Grind
Startup Grind is the largest independent developers community, actively teaching, inspiring and uniting over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in more than 365 cities.
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Pavel Korolev - Pulsar Venture Capital
Michael Culligan - Dublin BIC
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* - Visa issuing, travel & accommodation, transfers and meals, except for those indicated in the program, are not included

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